Apps, tools, and gadgets I swear by

Everything that I use and love in coding, smart home, and mobile apps

Development tools

  • neovim

    I love coding in the shell. Neovim is literally coding at the speed of thought, and at this point, I'll never go back.

  • AstroNvim

    I've wasted too much of my life configuring vim and neovim. I've grown to love an out-of-the-box zero configuration setup for neovim with custom overrides, and their community plugins adds an extra zest of customization and integrations that makes the configuration good enough to feel like my own. I love this plugin framework and opinionated configuration package for neovim.

  • iTerm2

    Sometimes I switch back and forth between Kitty and other terminal emulators, but I always come back to iTerm2 for one reason or another. Very customizable yet predictable terminal app.


    It's like having a product manager in your browser. Great for bouncing ideas off of, developing them, having the right questions asked, and generating a plan for a starting place to start coding. This is my new repository for unstarted side projects.

  • ChatGPT

    Mediocre for coding, invaluable for the discovery phase, writing tests, documenting undocumented code, and debugging cryptic errors.

  • Tabnine

    All-language automcomplete that uses only your codebase for suggestions. Great for matching the style of your teammates. New AI features allows you to ask questions about the code and codebase and get some meaningful answers

Mobile Apps

  • Spark

    The best free mail app for iOS

  • Lire

    A really good RSS feed reader, with all the right options, and great auto-sorting of feeds.

  • NatureDose

    Set some goals for how many minutes per week you want to spend in nature.

  • Arc Search

    My new favorite browser app for iOS. I love the 'Browse for Me' feature, quickly get all the information and a list of links for something I'm interested in learning more aobut. Plus, it auto-archives old tabs afer a certain amount of time.

Smart Home

  • Sensibo

    My house has in-wall splits for AC and Heat, and Sensibo brings remote control HVAC into the 21st century with smart home integrations and automation.

  • Google Nest Hub

    I mostly use this for sleep tracking and an extra microphone for Google Assistant, but the smart home dashboard is pretty useful as well.

  • TP-Link Tapo

    I use their smart outlets and temperature sensors to make my dumb bedroom window AC unit smarter to automatically keep my bedroom a certain temperature.

  • Aamazon Alexa

    A great hub and connector, more reliable than Google Assistant, and supports Flic 2.

  • Flic 2

    An automatable button that works with Alexa routines.

  • Homebridge

    A raspbery-pi project that connects all IoT devices to HomeKit for iOS.


  • Raycast

    Yet another launcher utlity, but this one has some great polish and a great ecosystem

  • Things

    The todo list manager that seems to have the best compromise between full featured and simple

  • LogSeq

    My second-brain app of choice, mostly for journaling