I’m Nick Prokesch. I live in Austin TX, where I code and play.

Believer in relentless self-education, willpower, and sharpening the mind and body to their peak. Think of me as a blend of curiosity, determination, and a serious love for dad jokes.

How do you comfort a JavaScript bug? You console it

Now, a decade into mastering the art of full stack software engineering, with a sweet spot for React and Ruby on Rails. My mantra? If Good Will Hunting can do it, so can I. Took the self-taught route, powered through with grit, and here I am, coding my way through life. How do you like them apples?

Life isn’t all about code, though. You'll find me diving into Austin's social events, pushing weights like there’s no tomorrow, and experimenting with the magic of air-fryer gastronomy. My bookshelf is a wild mix of thrillers, sci-fi epics, and modern lit. My downtime? It’s about long walks and talks with friends, giving cats a second chance at love, bingeing on TV masterpieces with my girlfriend, and geeking out over the latest in smart home gadgets. Lately, I'm on a biohacking quest—turns out, you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Aiming to light up my team at work, sparking that fire that drives us to excel. And yeah, eyeing that leap into leadership — no formal creds yet, but packed with ideas and ready to make waves.

I once heard life's big dilemmas boil down to knowing what you want but not how to grab it, or clueless about what you want in the first place.

Me? I’ve got my eyes on the prize.