side projects

A little collection of things I've built or currently building for fun. Pull Requests welcome.

  • lazycupid.rb

    A ruby MRI command line app to hack online dating

  • lazycupid-rails

    An optimization of lazycupid to use Sidekiq jobs powered by a frontend interface.

  • lazycrawler

    An plugin-based electron app utilizing in-memory background jobs to efficiently scrape data.

  • Tinder Triage

    A chrome extension to quickly triage matches and messages in Tinder web app.

  • Bumble Next

    A user script to quickly triage matches and messages in Bumble web app.

  • lazyinstagram

    An experiment with Instagram's deprecated API and AWS image recognition services to find friends by similar photo location areas.

  • lazylinkedin

    The fastest way to get a 24-hour ban and a cease and desist from LinkedIn.

  • selfie-dump

    A SwiftUI app to create an album with 9 random selifes from your camera roll for use in Instagram gallery posts.

  • bar-crawl

    A Google Places scraper to find a list of the most popular nighttime venues in a city by day and hour.